Adam Hancher London

Alyson Fox Austin

Andy Kehoe Pittsburgh

Betsy Walton Portland

BLUMOO Lima, Peru

Brett Armory San Francisco

Camilla Engman Sweden

Cricket Press Lexington

Daymon Greulich Australia

Diana Sudyka Chicago

Doe Eyed Design Portland

Elizabeth Bauman Oregon

Evan B. Harris Portland

Grant Haffner Massachusetts

Hokum Press Austin

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Jim Flora

Joshua Budich Baltimore

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Real Fun, Wow! California

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Aesthetic Apparutus Minneapolis

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  • Evan B. Harris

    Evan B. Harris (16)

    Born among the briars & brambles in backwoods of Medford, Oregon, Evan Benjamin Harris grew up with little knowledge of…

  • Betsy Walton

    Betsy Walton (4)

    Betsy is a native Kansan who now calls Portland, Oregon home. She left a full time job in October, 2006 to become a painter and illustrator. Since then, she has been painting day and night, answering emails, shipping packages…

  • Andy Kehoe

    Andy Kehoe (10)

    Andy Kehoe lives and works in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. He was bred on cartoons and comics from an early age, losing himself in the imagined worlds found within. His paintings draw from the childlike innocence that…

  • Amy Ruppel

    Amy Ruppel (3)

    Amy lives in beautiful green Portland, Oregon, where she works in her studio as a full-time artist, illustrator and surface designer. She was born and raised in rural Wisconsin, where she was left mostly to her own imagination…

  • Amanda Blake

    Amanda Blake (16)

    Amanda Blake lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She received her BA in fine arts from the University of Oregon, studied watercolor in Siena, Italy and oil painting and print making at the Chautauqua Art Institute in New…

  • Alyson Fox

    Alyson Fox (2)

    b. 1979 Alyson attended Florida State for a BA and the University of Colorado for an MFA. She likes designing things for commercial ends and designing things for no end at all. Alyson has a degree in photography and an MFA…

  • Aesthetic Apparatus

    Aesthetic Apparatus (56)

    Often considered Minneapolis’ best totally unknown design super team, Aesthetic Apparatus was founded around 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin by Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski as a fun side project from their “real” jobs…

  • Adam Haynes

    Adam Haynes (8)

    Adam is a freelance illustrator based in Bend, OR. Born and raised in the foothills of the Central Oregon Cascades, he gained an early appreciation for the rural lifestyle and the outdoors. Although primarily a commercial…