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The Supersuckers Concert Poster by Patent Pending

The Supersuckers Concert Poster
at Graceland -Seattle, WA
Feb 16, 2001
poster measures 16.5 inches x 24 inches
hand made silkscreen print on nice heavy paper
part of the Patent Pending 10th anniversary comm poster set
Hand Signed Limited Edition
artist:  Jeff Kleinsmith

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Patent Pending​ Seattle

Patent Pending is the brain child of Jeff Kleinsmith and Jesse LeDoux. Firmly seated in the world of rock posters, they have collectively worked to create a poster making empire, complete with their own commercial print shop to print their own work as well as the work of other artists and designers. Created in 1999 while working together at Sub Pop Records, they have gone on to have their work exhibited around the world and featured in numerous magazines, books, and design annuals.