Conor Oberst concert poster by DKNG (SOLD OUT)

Conor Oberst concert poster
at the Troubadour, Los Angeles- Aug 5, 2008
giclee print on heavy paper
poster measures 15.5 inches x 22 inches
signed limited edition
artist:  DKNG

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Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman (DKNG)​ Los Angeles

Established in 2005, DKNG is a design studio based in Los Angeles, California with a focus on the music and entertainment industries. As musicians themselves, Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman first collaborated in high school as band-mates and later as a design and illustration team. In addition to concert posters, DKNG designs logos, music packaging, apparel, and digital media. Dan and Nathan have been the resident poster artists at the Troubadour in Hollywood, California since 2007.