Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s Concert Poster by Delicious Design League (SOLD OUT)

Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s Concert Poster

at the Metro- Chicago

Apr 1, 2009

hand made 3 color silkscreen print on heavy paper

poster measures 18 inches x 24 inches

signed and numbered edition of 78

poster artist:  Delicious Design League

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Delicious Design League​ Chicago

Delicious got its start in 2001 when founder Billy Baumann began designing gig posters for his band. His years spent working in design came off because Billy quickly garnered notoriety for his great designs. When friend and now partner, Jason Teegarden-Downs nick named him "Delicious" as a joke, Billy began signing his gig posters with the new nick name. In late 2005 Jason and Billy officially started the "edgy" design firm Delicious Design League, their focus was squarely on the music industry. Today, Delicious is recognized for their limited edition hand screen-printed music posters, they also create anything design related; logos and identity design, retail and promo packaging, magazine illustration.