Phil Lesh Fall Tour Poster by Gary Houston (SOLD OUT)

Phil Lesh & Friends concert poster

Fall Harvest 2007

Sep-Oct-Nov (see show list below)

Hand signed by the poster artist

16.75″ X 25.5″ silkscreen poster on nice speckled paper

18 Dates

– Santa Barbara, Berkeley, Denver, Morrison, Santa Fe, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Boston, Camden, Charlottesville, Fairburn, Baltimore, Buffalo, Uncasville, Glens Falls, Syracuse, New York

artist: Gary Houston

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Gary Houston​ Portland

Gary Houston is a graphic designer and concert poster / art print maker located in Portland. He runs his own design studio and website, Voodoo Catbox. Gary has been making great concert posters since getting started in the 1990s. He has a huge back catalog with a wide range of bands. His style is organic and down to earth- Gary has made so many concert poster favorites over the years. Gary has made concert posters for The Dead, Phil Lesh, The Black Crowes, Modest Mouse, BB King, White Stripes, to name a few.